Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility by Albéa Semarang Makeup

13 April 2015

Albéa Semarang Makeup engages actively with its local community in the non-industrial region of Demak . Social Responsibility activities are routinely carried out with an aim to ensure a positive impact on the area.

  1. Blood donation

    Every 3 months, Albéa Semarang organizes a blood donation initiative for all its employees, yielding on average 80 bags of blood every time.

  2. Donation to Disaster's Victims

    Albéa Semarang responds promptly to disasters hitting the Demak district. When the district was flooded in July 2014, Albéa donated food, clothing, medicine and basic supplies to the victims in the surrounding villages. It also made a financial contribution to its employees whose houses had been damaged by a large fire.

  3. Contributing to the celebration of Adha

    Albéa contributes to the celebration of the Idul Adha festival supporting the three nearby villages of Karangawen, Kuripan and Lerep through their six local mosques.

  4. Education 

    Albéa Semarang supports local education through the improvement of school facilities (repairing buildings, repainting classrooms, providing playground facilities) as well as through the donation of study material (computers, LCD projectors, books etc.).

  5. Environment conservation

    Mangrove planting took place on June 2013 in Surodadi Sayung Demak. This activity contributes strongly to protecting the landscape from tides and erosion. Albéa Semarang also regularly collaborates with Demak's Environmental department, in particular contributing financially to the launch and implementation of environment-related activities. Every year, the plant engages in activities that aim at reducing its environmental impact – such as reducing compressed air leakage and saving water.

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