Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility by Albéa Surabaya Makeup

14 April 2015

Albéa Surabaya Makeup is actively involved with its communities, through its workforce and through several initiatives.

  1. Blood donation

    On August 2014, the plant collaborated with PMI Surabaya to hold a one-day blood donation event to help people in need of transfusions. Thanks to the assistance of three persons from three PMI employees and four paramedics, 84 Albéa employees participated and provided 60 blood bags. This positive response demonstrated the concern and care for those in need.

  2. Mangrove Planting

    Mangrove forests grow in brackish water and are influenced by the tides. They grow in muddy ground through the accumulation of organic matter. They are located in bays removed from waves, as well as around estuaries where water slows down and mud accumulates.

    Wonorejo in Rungkut is one of Surabaya's mangrove forests . It is recognized by the Surabaya government as a bulwark against land erosion and floods. This forest is located on the East Coast of Surabaya, about 5 kms from the plant, and is being developed by the city government. It acts not only as a dam for flood control but also as an area for eco-tourism. Mangrove planting was carried out in August 2014 by 21 employees and was attended by the Plant director, Mr. Dedy Ardian as well as by Surabaya City government representatives.

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