Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility by Albéa Surabaya Tubes

14 April 2015

Albéa Surabaya Tubes is committed to growing responsibly and impacting positively its environment.

  1. Eco-Education Campaign

    This initiative took place in SDN Sedati 2 Ngoro Mojokerto, with the aim to share basic education on the environment with elementary school students. The purpose is to raise environmental awareness in young people. Albéa also donated trash cans and fruit plants.

  2. World Environment Day event

    Albéa Surabaya Tubes celebrates every year the World Environment Day. On August 2014, we organized a drawing contest on the topic of environmental sustainability. The participants were children of the company's employees. The purpose of this event was to raise environmental awareness of all the company's stakeholders – employees and families.

  3. Blood Donation

    This activity is conducted on a regular basis, in close collaboration with PMI Mojokerto, so as to help people in need of a transfusion. On World Environment Day in August 2014, enthusiastic participants donated their blood to save others.

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